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Water Softeners in Garland, TX

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North Texas is notorious for a number of things. Crazy weather with strong storms and sweltering heat, big lakes, beautiful towns, and one of the best lifestyles in the country. However, North Texas is also notorious for some extraordinarily hard water. This everyday challenge can be a nightmare for homeowners, causing everything from scaly buildup on faucets and fixtures to reduced lifespan for appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Over time, hard water can cause a number of problems for homes, and that’s why it is best to deal with it properly. One of the best and most efficient ways to deal with hard water is a high-quality water softener system from the team at Sunrise Plumbing & Air!

At Sunrise Plumbing & Air, we proudly offer a great selection of products from leading name brands in order to give you the water you have always wanted. When you’re sick of cleaning up limescale, doing the dishes again after running them through the dishwasher, and constantly having to replace your clothing when it becomes stiff and frail from the washing machine, make the call to our team and learn more about installing a water softener system. Our Garland water softener installation team will help you get to the bottom of your water issues and work with you to choose the perfect softening option for your needs. You’ll enjoy better-tasting, more enjoyable, and longer-lasting water quality when you count on us to take care of the problem.

Find out more about installing a water softener system by calling the team at Sunrise Plumbing & Air at (214) 997-6707 today!

How Water Softeners Work

“Hard water” is the name given to water that has an elevated concentration of minerals dissolved in it. These minerals chemically bond with metals and other substances, creating a chalky white residue known as limescale. Over time, buildup of limescale can block water lines, damage appliances, and cause all sorts of other issues for your home. Water softeners use a chemical process to replace the mineral content with sodium ions, eliminating the minerals before they get into the majority of your plumbing system.

A water softener is typically installed on your main water line, allowing all of the water that your home uses to filter through the system. As water flows into a softener tank, it trickles past a filtration media that is imbued with sodium ions. The sodium ions are loosened by the passing water while the mineral content sticks to the resin media material, creating the chemical swap that softens the water. Once the water reaches the bottom of the tank, it is pulled back into your water line and distributed throughout your property. The entire process is fast, effective, efficient, and generally requires no additional energy or maintenance beyond occasional media refreshes.

Water Filter Installation in Garland

Water filtration is quite a bit different from a water softener system. Whereas water softeners don’t actually remove a number of impurities and other substances from your water, water filtration systems use physical media to do exactly that. From dust particles to granules, a whole-home water filtration system can give you the pure and great tasting water you have always wanted as well as peace of mind of knowing that your water truly is as pure and great tasting as it can be!

If you’re interested in improving your water quality for your home, reach out to the pros at Sunrise Plumbing & Air today!

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