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Garland Garbage Disposal Repair

Sunrise Plumbing & Air Offers Repairs & New Garbage Disposal Installation in Garland & Surrounding Areas

Food waste is one of those things that is exceedingly difficult to avoid. While you might do everything you can to prevent it, one of the things you simply can’t avoid is the need to throw food away when it gets old. Throwing food away isn’t always pleasant—food waste can start to rot within hours, and before long your home is filled with nasty odors of decaying food. These odors not only assault your nose, but can attract pests like roaches, ants, rats, mice, and more. Because taking out the trash to an outside bin after every meal isn’t always the most viable option, there has to be a better way to get rid of food waste that doesn’t stink up your house or send out an enticing message to pests.

The solution to these problems is a garbage disposal system. Garbage disposals are designed to grid up food waste into tiny, easily-flushed particles that can be washed down the drain with ease. Garbage disposals are typically installed in the drain of your kitchen sink, and contain two plates that grind food down into a pulp that is easily washed away with wastewater. The grinding plates are turned by a high-power motor that is powered by an electrical circuit, typically controlled by a switch that is mounted somewhere near your sink for easy access. Garbage disposals are generally completely sealed to protect the electronic components, and they typically last for a decade or more when they are properly cared for, not overused, and you are careful what you put down the drain.

Looking for garbage disposal repairs, replacements, or new installation in Garland or the surrounding areas? Call Sunrise Plumbing & Air at (214) 997-6707 today.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

As an appliance that sustains heavy-duty use, it’s not at all abnormal for garbage disposals to experience problems. Motors wear out and need to be replaced, electrical components eventually fail and cause the system to stop working, and plenty of other things could prevent you from being able to dispose of food waste easily and conveniently. To make things worse, when a garbage disposal stops working, your kitchen sink becomes far more prone to clogging, preventing any water from being able to drain away at all. If your garbage disposal is making a ton of noise, fails to turn on at all, or just doesn’t seem right, reach out to our team and let us fix the issue for you.

Sunrise Plumbing & Air can repair all of your garbage disposal issues, including:

  • Inconsistent operation
  • Frequent overloading
  • Seized grinding plates
  • Electrical connection problems
  • Failed motors
  • Clogged drains

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

1. Smells that linger - It might just be that you need to clean out your garbage disposal. But if your disposal still has smells that stick around after a thorough cleaning then give us a call.

2. Strange noises - By now you should know what your garbage disposal sounds like, but if you notice any new sounds then call in our Garland garbage disposal repair team to inspect your unit.

3. You have to reset the garbage disposal again and again - The reset button can come in handy if your unit isn't working properly, but you shouldn't be pressing it all too often. It could just need a rewiring so get in a licensed professional to take a look.

4. It takes longer than normal - Garbage disposals are designed to save you time in getting rid of excess waste. But if it's not getting the job done at the speed you're accustomed to, call in our Garbage disposal repair team.

5. The unit won't turn on - Try the reset button and also consider testing another electrical appliance on the same outlet. If neither of those do the trick it'll either need to be repaired or replaced.

New Garbage Disposal Installation & Disposal Replacement

Does your home not have a garbage disposal? You are missing out on perhaps one of the greatest advancements in home sanitation and convenience technology. At Sunrise Plumbing & Air, we can outfit your kitchen with a new garbage disposal unit. We offer installation of new disposals in virtually any kitchen sink, including offering retrofitting into older homes that may not already have them set up. That includes all aspects of the installation, such as electrical lines and switch installation. Additionally, we can also completely replace worn-out disposals that have stopped working altogether.

Every disposal we install comes from a reputable brand name for exceptional performance and dependability, and we stand by the work we do to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in your new disposal both for today and for the future.

Looking for a local name to help you with your Garland garbage disposal repair? Look to the team at Sunrise Plumbing & Air! Contact us today.

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