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Heat Pump Installation in Garland, TX

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While Texas may be known for our brutally hot and sweltering humid summers, our winters are nothing to turn your nose up at either. In fact, we have learned some rather painful lessons about just how cold our weather can get. Freezing temperatures can last for days at a time, snowfall can leave our cities dusted with white, and ice storms can throw a seemingly peaceful life into sheer chaos. Going without heat during a frigid winter night is unthinkable—not only is it dangerous to your home, but it can be unhealthy for you and your loved ones. But heating your home shouldn’t be a huge burden on your wallet, either. With a quality heat pump system, it doesn’t have to be.

At Sunrise Plumbing & Air, we offer a great selection of heat pump systems and quality services to maintain and install them. Our Garland heat pump installation pros can outfit your property with a sophisticated, modern heating system that will provide you with dependable comfort in all kinds of freezing temperatures without the huge bill from doing so. By working with some of the most recognized and trusted manufacturers in the industry, we are able to offer a great selection of products that offer longevity, performance, and extremely high levels of efficiency. Plus, our Garland heat pump installation pros stand by every system they set up—we offer a full selection of repairs and maintenance services as well for your total peace of mind!

Learn more about installing a heat pump system in your home! Dial (214) 997-6707 and speak to a member of our team at Sunrise Plumbing & Air today.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are quite different from just about any other heating system you may have ever seen before. For centuries, heating has essentially involved burning some form of fuel to generate heat that is then distributed around your home. With furnaces, for example, the most common source of fuel is natural gas. The heat from a natural gas flame is transferred into air with a device known as a heat exchanger, and this air is then pumped around your home using your duct system.

Heat pumps are different. These systems don’t actually generate any heat, but rather they simply collect it from where you don’t want it and bring it to where you do. That means they gather heat from outdoor air and transfer it inside to where it will provide you with warmth. They do this through a nearly identical process to an air conditioner, only in reverse (instead of pumping heat outside, it gathers heat and carries it indoors). This makes heat pumps remarkably efficient, and modern technology has enabled them to be remarkably effective in temperatures down to as low as freezing.

Why should you ditch the furnace and switch to a heat pump system?

  • Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than furnaces or other types of heating
  • Heat pumps do not produce any carbon emissions, making them eco-friendly
  • Heat pumps cost far less to operate than other fuel-burning systems
  • Heat pumps are incredibly effective in warmer-weather climates like North Texas

Heat Pump Repairs

Do you own a heat pump system that needs to be professionally serviced? If your system has stopped working, isn’t working how it used to, or simply needs to be prepared for the upcoming season ahead, Sunrise Plumbing & Air is the name to call. We offer a full range of heat pump services, including repairs, upkeep and maintenance, and even comprehensive replacements and new installations. We’re proud to be Garland’s local leaders in heat pump services, and will do whatever we can to keep your home warm and comfortable through even the coldest nights.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

1.It won't turn on - First make that there isn't a blown fuse or an electrical issue by checking your circuit breaker and testing another electrical appliance on the same outlet. If those don't work call in our heat pump repair specialists to inspect your unit.

2. Your electrical bills are on the up - One of the reasons you got a heat pump was to save on your utility bills, so if your electrical bill is rising and it's costing you on your utility bill then make sure to call us in to inspect your unit.

3.Insufficient heating or cooling - While heat pumps might not give you the same intense heating and cooling experience your traditional HVAC units were giving you, it shouldn't be to the point that you feel it's not working. Call in our Garland heat pump repair technicians to inspect your unit.

4. Sounds that are new and loud - Heat pumps are supposed to work more silently than traditional units, so if you hear any new sounds that're audible from the next room over then give us a call today.

5. It's turning on and off - If your compressor is on the fritz, then you might experience a heat pump that's turning on and off repeatedly. This can be an expensive repair so check with our heat pump repair experts about the cost and consult with them if you should consider heat pump replacement.

Contact Sunrise Plumbing & Air to book your appointment with our Garland heat pump repair experts.

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