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Garland Mini Split Installation

Compact Cooling Power at an Affordable Price!

Do you have a room in your home that always seems to feel sticky, stuffy, and hot? Does it never seem to cool off no matter how often you run your air conditioner? Have you wanted to add air conditioning to an area like a garage, basement, workshop, or even a new addition that you have built onto your home? Running a central cooling line over to this space can be difficult and expensive, and it could reduce the ability of your air conditioner to cool the other areas throughout your home too. This is where mini-split AC systems thrive: providing a limited amount of effective and efficient cooling power in a small package that is affordable and easy to install!

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Garland Mini Split Installation

Mini-split systems are not like window units or those large boxes that require you to cut a major hole in your wall in order to properly mount the cooler. Instead, most modern mini-split systems can be easily installed virtually anywhere in your home with nothing more than one small hole in the wall to allow electrical and coolant lines to pass through. Mini-split systems get their name because they are smaller than most traditional air conditioning systems, and they actually separate the compressor and condenser sides of the system (unlike other ductless cooling options).

Installing a mini-split system has a number of advantages over a traditional cooling system. For starters, a mini-split system runs on a standard 120-volt electrical connection, so they can be easily plugged in to any existing outlet or attached to any standard electrical circuit (so long as the breaker is large enough). Second, installation is incredibly simple, often taking no more than a few hours to complete. However, don’t let the small size of a mini-split system fool you—these systems can provide a tremendous amount of cooling power in a smaller space while using only a tiny fraction of the energy that your central cooling system does.

Mini-split systems make a great addition to almost any space in your home, including:

  • Garages
  • Game rooms
  • Lofts
  • Offices
  • Workshops
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Patios or sunrooms

Benefits of a Mini Split Installation

1. Cheaper installation costs - If you don't have existing ductwork, mini split installation is far cheaper than installing new ductwork. This is so because they go right on top of your wall and the rest is simply plugging them in and cooling your home.

2. More energy efficient - Because mini splits allow you to cool some rooms and leave the rooms you don't use to be a little bit hotter, you use less energy. Say goodbye to cooling your entire home because you only really need a few rooms to have AC as opposed to your storage space.

3. Quieter systems - If you're looking to have a quieter AC system, consult our Garland mini split installation specialists. Not only does ductwork make a lot of noise, but traditional HVAC units can be very noisy and mini splits are proven to make less noise.

4. Better indoor air quality - Because ducts that aren't clean can cause messy air flow problems, ductless mini splits are significantly better for your indoor air quality. They require less maintenance because of the lesser need to clean your ducts.

Whole-Home Mini Split Systems

Are you looking to build a custom home that offers the finest in energy efficiency and versatility? Modern mini-split systems offer superior flexibility when it comes to cooling power. If you’re only using a few rooms in your home, why should you have to pay to cool all of them at once? With a mini-split system, you won’t have to. Modern mini-split systems with Wi-Fi connectivity give you the ability to control temperatures and system operation from the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet. Turn the air on before you enter a room, or shut it off from all the way across the house if you forget to do it before you leave. It’s that simple.

Switching over to a network of mini-split systems in major areas of your home offers tremendous savings. By not running the cooling systems in rooms you aren’t using, you will use only a tiny fraction of the energy that you were using for cooling before. That means major savings and more money in your pocket. Concerned about noise? Modern systems use specialized fans and silent-operation motors that make them whisper-quiet under normal operating circumstances. You might actually see a decrease in noise during cooling cycles!

Find out more about our Garland mini split installation today! Contact Sunrise Plumbing & Air to discuss your options and learn more about the great products our team installs.

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