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While we might pay close attention to our air conditioning and heating system, we often pay little to no attention to the air ducts that allow them to keep us comfortable. Air ducts are the veins through which the conditioned air that our HVAC equipment produces reaches the various areas of our home. They are often found in the ceiling above our head, but some might be found in the floor beneath our feet or even in walls that separate rooms. All of them have one thing in common: problems can prevent them from doing their job, and every system will eventually need to be professionally serviced. When the time comes for you, make sure your ducts are in the trusted hands of the Garland duct cleaning and repair pros at Sunrise Plumbing & Air!

At Sunrise Plumbing & Air, we offer so much more than just a solution to your duct problems—we offer an all-encompassing experience complete with world-class customer service and thorough workmanship that is augmented by some of the finest modern tools and methods. Whether you need a simple fix or a comprehensive cleaning service, you can expect that every aspect of our service will exceed even your loftiest standards and earn your total and complete satisfaction. Every member of our team is licensed for your protection, and each is committed to helping our friends and neighbors in our communities live a better and more comfortable life.

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Garland Duct Cleaning

The inside of your air ducts may be one of the dirtiest areas of your entire home. Over years of use, dust, grime, and other debris build up on the interior walls of your ductwork, reducing your indoor air quality and even inhibiting your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. While you can slow this process, there is no way to prevent dirt from forming in your air ducts, so we recommend having your ducts cleaned every two to three years to ensure consistent health and comfort.

At Sunrise Plumbing & Air, we offer duct cleaning services for all shapes and sizes of ductwork. Whether you have a small home or a large business, we have the equipment to handle your duct cleaning needs. When you’re tired of poor-quality air, excessive dusting requirements, or constant replacement of air filters, give us a call and let us help you get a grip on the issue with a safe and thorough duct cleaning service.

Duct cleaning can remove all of the following from your air ducts:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Hair & skin flakes
  • Mold & mildew
  • Smoke particles
  • Odor molecules

Our duct cleaning machines are some of the finest in modern technology. These systems use a revolving duster brush to loosen the debris from the walls of your duct system, as well as a HEPA-filtered vacuum that sucks the debris away safely. We do our best to keep the vacuum system outdoors to prevent any of this dust or debris from getting into the air in your home, but rest assured the highly effective filtration system on these vacuums contains more than 99 percent of dust and debris if it must stay inside to complete the service.

How To Tell You Need Duct Cleaning

1. Your air vents have dust on them - If you see that your air vents have dust on them, then open up the air vent with a flash light and check out the rest of your ducts. It could be that you see the dust on the inside too and that's proliferating around your home until you get a visit from our duct cleaning experts.

2. Your air quality is suffering - If you're noticing an uptick in stuffiness or dust sprinkled around your home, it could be coming from your duct work. It's good practice to have your ducts inspected at least once a year to make sure they aren't negatively impacting your indoor air quality.

3. Poor airflow - If you're not getting the same level of air flow that you've grown used to, call in our Garland duct cleaning specialists. It could be that there are some blockages going on in your ducts that should be cleaned out to get your airflow back to normal.

4. Strange sounds or smells that are off - It could be that some critter has made its way into your ducts or that there's been mold or mildew growth from your AC's condensation. Either way, you're going to want to get your ducts inspected to make sure there isn't anything odd going on in there.

5. A decrease in HVAC performance - If you're not getting the same level of output you're used to from your heater or AC and those units have been inspected and are in working order, consider your ductwork. As the conduit to spreading your treated air, if anything is wrong with your ducts it could negatively impact your HVAC experience.

Garland Duct Repair & Installation

Even a small crack or gap in your duct system can lead to tremendous energy losses. A small amount of escaping air can cause your air conditioner to have to run longer during the summer months and your heater to have to continuously operate during cold winter nights. That means higher utility bills, greatly reduced HVAC system longevity, and even further reduction of indoor air quality. Don’t suffer from these issues any longer than necessary: schedule an inspection and repair service for your duct system by calling Sunrise Plumbing & Air and let us handle your problems for you!

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